Saturday, April 21, 2012


Some of you already know the whole story, but some of you will be finding out the details here. So here it is. 
Tim and I were thinking about going over Thursday the 26th regardless of whether we heard or not. For many reasons that were logical and some that weren’t. I decided to email our attorney to get her professional opinion. At this point Tim and I were feeling at peace about going. The lawyer emailed later in the evening after Tim was at his board meeting. She said that we probably wouldn’t hear this week for several reasons and that we should give it at least 2 weeks to hear. So she said if you want to go without hearing then plan on staying 3-4 weeks. You know my first thought, “NO WAY!” Been there done that and not doing it again! 
I was able to tell Tim the bad news when he got home from his meeting. From there it just got worse. Our 1600a paperwork is going to expire in a couple weeks which then would take several additional weeks to get that done. Then our home study would need to be redone which would take at least 4 weeks. As I lay there thinking I thought it would be months before Silas would be home. My heart was hurting. I was asking WHY.
At 5:45 a.m. Tim came into the room and told me we got the email. I quickly sat up. I made him repeat himself.  Well to make it more intense Tim had spent the last 45 minutes trying to open it. I had told him before we got the email that if it was a yes then we would get 2 emails and one of those emails would have the password. He couldn’t even get the first one downloaded, but we did have two emails. We were pretty confident it was a yes, but we wanted to read it with our own eyes. I forwarded the emails onto our lawyer and within an hour she was able to open it and tell us YES!!!!!!!! Honestly, there are no words to describe that moment. Speechless and humbled. My soul was overflowing. 
So what’s next. We got our flights booked. We are leaving this Thursday! I still can’t believe it. =) Once we get into country we will get some much needed rest and then take the 2 hour trip to be with our son. We spend time at the orphanage and seeing some old friends. That week we will be busy getting another medical exam done because his other one expired after 6 months. We will also going to the Embassy to make sure they know we are in country and to give them his passport so they can put his visa in there. 
Here is our prayer requests.
1) That our approval paperwork makes it to Kampala quickly
2) That God is preparing our hearts and Silas’ for our reunion 
3) That we can get his medical done quickly and get his visa quickly
We have been reflecting in our hearts all the ways God has made this possible. My friend Gail said it best, “This boy must be one special boy for God to go to battle for him just to be with your family.” God did all this for one little boy. It just proves that God does care about the little details in our lives. 
God has heard our prayer and answered.
Thank you for continuing to cover us in prayer. 

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